CRUMBS - Legendary Canadian Freestyle Comedy

CRUMBS, the Canadian comedy duo from Winnipeg, Canada, are legendary by now and can be seen regularly all over Europe. Their sensitive, absurd and always touching stories make you laugh and think and often depict the entire spectrum of human relationships. Whining wives, featherbrained adolescents or tough guys – CRUMBS paint their characters so masterly and diversely that they never fail to balance on the fine line between truthfulness and parody. Their absurd and profound humor, the authenticity of their stories and the complete confidence in each other has made CRUMBS the darlings of the improv scene internationally.

Lee White is currently on a solo-tour and will be presenting projects with international friends, mixed shows with local improvisers and participate in festivals. He will be touring aroung Germany, Austria and Slovenia for 6 weeks this fall. The tour ends on the 8th of December. You can find all information on this website. You want to book Lee? Just contact Marie, see booking details.